Are you a busy person with lots on your mind and have absolutely no time to go through the stack of digital paperwork? Are you looking for a good copywriter who will treat your content like his own?

We know what you mean.

Without further ado, here’s our offer!

👇 Indicative price list of copywriting services

What more can we do for you?

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Podcast creation and managment
  • YouTube video scriptwriting
  • Comprehensive graphic design services

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How can we start cooperation?

  1. Beginning

    We start cooperation after getting to know your requirements.

  2. Settlement

    We settle on the basis of a 23% VAT invoice paid in advance.

  3. Implementation

    We execute orders within approx. 3-5 business days.

  4. Correction

    We include 2 rounds of corrections of the created contect, if necessary

Specializations of our copywriters

  • heavy industry
  • construction structural steel
  • heavy machinery
  • power tools
  • freight forwarding
  • logistics
  • lighting
  • IT
  • automotive
  • automation
  • health
  • FinTech
  • services
  • photovoltaics electrical and electronic engineering
  • dietetics
  • fitness
  • psychology
  • interior design
  • wood processing
  • furniture
  • house and garden
  • animals
  • fashion
  • children and parenting
  • hobby
  • education
  • wedding
  • art and entertainment
  • recreation
  • photography
  • sport
  • diets and healthy eating
  • beauty
  • aesthetic medicine
  • jewelry
  • hospitality
  • gastronomy
  • tourism
  • wellbeing
  • culinary
  • cosmetics

Our clients recommend

  1. Forge of Content assists our company in creating high quality texts on technical subjects. Thanks to our involvement in the preparation of all materials we have managed to establish permanent cooperation. We appreciate the quality, commitment and timeliness of the work. We evaluate our cooperation so far as very good.
    Mikolaj Lehman
  2. We are pleased to inform you that the texts prepared by Kuźnia Treści are of a very high standard. We ordered specialist texts which turned out to be a great success and were positively received by the SEO industry. Kuźnia Treści did not limit itself in the prepared text only to a superficial presentation of the topic but, to our pleasant surprise, raised the issues which were highly advanced and technical and required a lot of industry knowledge. Additionally, we should pay attention to a very good contact and punctuality, which unfortunately is often a problem with contractors. Taking the above into consideration, we remain in close contact with this reliable company.
    Mateusz Hauer
  3. Forge of Content created professional content related to the fields of finance and leasing for Master Leasing. During the performance of his task he demonstrated great professionalism manifesting himself in an efficient, pleasant and businesslike contact, punctuality and a high quality level of his work. Thanks to the exemplary fulfilment of the order for our company we have established further cooperation with Kuźnia Treści. We can recommend their services with a clear conscience.
    Norbert Dabrowski
  4. The blog maintenance carried out by Kuznia Treści brought us a significant increase in visibility in search results, which directly translated into an increase in the number of leads and conversions. We are very happy with the cooperation with Content Smiths and we heartily recommend Content Smiths as a reliable content agency.
    Pawel Jozajtis / President of the Management Board ZOYA GROUP SP. Z O.O.
  5. The investment in copy services in Forge of Content was the best investment of the second quarter of 2021 in my company. In percentage terms, it gave earnings even more than investments in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the changes made, it reached me what potential well-written sales page content has. After throwing the sales results into my excel sheet, the results actually shocked me. From now on, I will never try to write content on my own, but will use the services of professionals. A small investment in content improvement can really make a difference. I recommend it to everyone!

    Przemek Jozwiakowski
  6. Gold Deer Studio interactive agency is pleased to recommend the services of Content Forge. In Forge of Content they forged great content for us. We are very satisfied with the final results of the work and the quality of cooperation. While creating the texts, the agency showed great independence, expertise and full professionalism. We can recommend their copywriting services with full responsibility.
    Sylwester Walczak
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What influences the copywriting price list?

The prices for copywriting services depend on several factors. Every single order is unique and we treat it as such, taking into account the type of content, the specificity of the industry and the needs of our clients.

The price of SEO copywriting will differ significantly from the price of image or expert content. We make the valuation based on the following factors:

  • type of ordered content,
  • text volume (number of pages),
  • topics required research and content level,
  • deadline,
  • scope of work,
  • access to source materials,
  • keyword analysis and content plan creation.

Our clients and their stories

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Does our copywriter’s price list have a chance to meet your expectations?

Yes! It sure does! As soon as you receive a finished text. Before we start, however, let’s have a look at the standards we follow in creating quality content. A copywriter’s price list can tell you a lot about what to expect: in terms of the text quality and benefits you’ll receive, as a full package.

Copywriting price lists are really very different. Why?

You can probably already guess that the deciding factor is the QUALITY OF TEXTS created by the copywriter. A suspiciously cheap price list means rather poor quality, simples. It’s not always noticeable at first glance! A text you ordered for a website may be free from typos, spelling or stylistic errors and still be classified as inadequate. Why?

Because it is not correctness but EFFECTIVENESS that differentiates a good copywriter from a bad one (let’s face it, the ability to write without mistakes should be a bare minimum for any copywriter)

  • effective marketing
  • sales increase
  • better brand image

Content marketing is the best sales support you can invest in. We will create you effective content that will boost your business.


Copywriter’s price list tailored to your needs

This sentence may seem trite and boring. If you ever had any contact with the world of copywriting, you might see it as industry slang that does not translate into reality. However, this does not apply to professional copywriters who view the project as a whole, not just the number of characters.

Also, for this reason, the copywriter’s price list is not standardized. It’s equally influenced by how much time we spend on getting to know you, your company and your direct competition. This is something completely different from the previously mentioned technical factors, such as the scope of work, implementation, text type or topics.

Adapting and fulfilling the client’s needs is probably the most difficult task a copywriter has to face and the price list must take the specific tasks into account.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • adapting the writing style to the company and brand communication,
  • use of industry-specific vocabulary,
  • reviewing previously published materials and applying the appropriate structure of the articles,
  • learning about the habits of customers,
  • creating an effective content that will best suit their needs and to which they are already accustomed.

Basically – the copywriter takes on the role of a client and describes the topic from their perspective. This is something that takes time and differs a lot. SEO content will be treated differently than blogs. Therefore, a uniform price for all can mean only one thing – band production. The last thing the client and the creator would like to deal with, at least not if both are serious about the job.

What’s included in our copywriting price list? You know what you pay for!

The creation of quality content is a multi-stage process. Know that as part of our copywriting services, we offer not only the character count but, most of all, comprehensive service from A to Z tailored for your needs.

  • Consultations

    Contact us and tell us what you need. We will ask you to fill in a short brief that will allow us to better understand the topic and choose the elements that make up effective content.

  • Research

    It’s awesome if you have your own materials – it will certainly help us to perform the task flawlessly. However, no need to worry if you don’t have anything or you are unsure what is best to use. Our experience allows us to carry out thorough research, separate the wheat from the chaff and fill in the content with only verified information.

  • Content creation

    After getting to know your needs and expectations and thorough research, we start work. The job will go to a copywriter who’s got experience in creating content related to your industry and subject. We only write texts that we would like to read ourselves!

  • Editing and proofreading

    The written text is forwarded to the editor, who verifies the content in terms of grammatical and linguistic correctness. During the editing and further proofreading, the text takes its final shape and is ready for the client. By investing in quality content created by Forge of Content, you can be sure that the text you receive will be as perfect as possible.

  • Corrections (if necessary)

    Our price for copywriting services also includes corrections and modifications to the finished text. This is to respond to your needs and to meet the highest expectations. We want to be sure that our deliverables are 100% as expected. Our effectiveness score is based on the level of your satisfaction.

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