zoya fashion case study

From 290 to 417

keyword ranking increase in TOP 3

From 813 to 1031

keyword ranking increase in TOP 10

From 1347 to 1647

keyword ranking increase in TOP 20

Z 31 998 do 34 183

orgaorganic traffic increase

We increased sales through the power of words!

  1. Objectifs

    – Organic traffic increase that will result in sales increase in the online store
    – Better brand recognition thanks to high-quality blog posts

  2. Challenges

    – Reaching clients at the top of the sales funnel
    – Effective marketing and product promotion through the blog posts

  3. Results

    – TOP 3 keywords ranking increased from 290 to 417
    – TOP 10 keywords ranking increased from 813 to 1031
    – TOP 20 keywords ranking increased from 1347 to 1647
    – Organic traffic increased from 31 998 to 34 183


Zoya Fashion came to us for quality blog content. The client trusted us to do the job from start to finish: from the initial keyword research and analysis, through topic selection to blog writing and posting the content online.

The objective was clear: to increase the brand recognition in organic research with the analysed keywords, to drive sales and attract the target audience.


We performed a keyword audit to identify the best fitting keywords, with the most sale potential. We proposed the blog content and we started regular blogging with 6 articles per month.


After just 1 month, we managed to increase the keyword ranking in the TOP 10 from 813 to 903. In the following months, we jumped to 1003. The keyword ranking in the TOP 3 increased from 290 to 417 in the first 3 months of cooperation, nearly a whopping 50%! As for the organic traffic, the website gained over 2000 additional unique visitors per month.