by 15

lead volume increase

by 5

conversion increase


return on investment

We increased sales through the power of words!

  1. Objectifs

    – Content adaptation to the target audience
    – Conversion rate increase
    – Sales increase

  2. Challenges

    – Motivating leads to buy online courses
    – Attractive and approachable presentation of product
    – Content creation with down-selling in mind

  3. Results

    – Lead volume increase from 2-3 to 15 per month
    – Conversion rate increase from 1-2 to 5 per month
    – online courses sale increase from 5-8 to 10-12 per month
    – Return on investment in copywriting services in %ROI by 1216% in the first month


Localhost Academy had a real issue with content creation and reaching the target audience – people wanting to learn programming. The company focuses on mentoring courses in programming and roadmap sales courses – development paths for specialist positions in the IT industry.


WykWe performed an in-depth audit of the site’s structure and its content and we proposed improvements. After changing the site’s structure, we managed to significantly simplify the communication, making it easy to understand for everyone, not only those working in IT.

Why? Because Localhost Academy’s target audience is not IT professionals but people just starting their IT journey. We also removed all unnecessary distractions from the landing pages as they tend to cause leaks in the sales funnel. In the end, we simplified the whole sales process itself.


In the first month after implementing the changes, Localhost Academy achieved a return on investment in copywriting services of as much as 1216%! Our client increased the number of Academy leads from 2-3 to 15 per month. The monthly conversion rate from leads to customers increased from 1-2 to 5. At the same time, monthly sales of online courses increased from 5-8 to 10-12.